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May 15, 2012 9:00am EDT
billion. governor brown says, well, he's going to get to this number by first $8.3 billion in cuts. the rest he's going to make up in taxes. and he wants a compromise. that's why it's only partially on cuts. i'll tell you what the compromise is going to look like. you want to know what the compromise is going to look like? the compromise is going to look like happy feet! because the people of california are high-tailing out of the state! just look at what governor brown said. the reason we went from a shortfall that he imagined would be somewhere in the $9.2 billion area to $15.7 billion is because of all these people that have left the state. the revenues of his last tax increase just didn't generate the revenue. boy, how quickly all the experts are to berate the likes of art laugher, who always seems to have it right with regards to taxes. if you get overtaxed, in a way, where the taxes are paying bills in the rearview mirror, but your income that they try to tap is here moving forward, one of the recourses you have when it is a state is to say ariva under chi, california. many can't
May 21, 2012 9:00am EDT
, listening to people who can be difficult to deal with. dana brown is a president of professionalism matters. we have tips for managing difficult personalities. i can't wait to hear your solutions to these problems. first let's talk about the types of people that drive us all crazy. first, the rambler. >> i think every meeting has the rambler. that person who goes on and on. they're giving you the war and peace version when you really want the cliff notes version. >> how do you make them stop. >> one technique that i really like, ask them to summarize their points for the meeting notes. it is a chance to compliment them and speed them up. say you are making great points, but i am worried we might not capture it all. could you boil it down to one key phrase. >> i always want to say please shut up now. the next person is the multit k multitasker. >> not only are we frustrated with them, but we have all been that person. they are on their pda or ipad. one of the things we can do is try to develop a ground rule right at the beginning. don't just ignore the problem. bring it up. we're all busy an
May 23, 2012 9:00am EDT
. >> mark landsbalm did a great article on california. he pointed out in january, governor brown thought he would have ruffle a $9 billion deficit. it is looking like 15.7. they are going to have a referendum as to whether they will raise taxes. many of the experts that mark landsbalm talks about think that that deficit actually could be as high as $17 billion. today, versus 2008, this is great. think about your own lives. think about how you may be more controlled in your spending today than you were before the credit crisis. well, today versus 2008, california actually is going to spend $30 billion more. that's roughly a 15% increase and as this gentlemen pointed out in his column and i will ask you out there, whether it is on satellite radio or you are watching on your tv, how many americans are spending 15% more than they did in '08 and running a significant deficit? i think california might be only unique to other countries and other states, not necessarily citizens. last but not least, their k-12 schools, here is what's really fascinating. they basically want to spend $34 billion. how
May 18, 2012 9:00am EDT
brown. his financial situation just got a lot easier because of these guys. >> great point that there will be a lot of taxes paid. a great point that wealth creation is something that has not been the emphasis on this country in the last few years. this is, again, a needle holder. there are so many shareholders and so many companies selling. so many big funds that got in this and turned out to be right. that's rather remarkable. these rounds and rounds and rounds and they ended up being right. >> all along the way and valuations that kept increase ds. >> and everyone laughed. remember, after groupon, people thought that it was going to be a mistake. after zynga, people thought it was a mistake. but this is right now, money good. >> tonight, jim, i'm presuming you'll discuss facebook and how it actually opens. >> but i also have to talk about larger forces that are at work that jp morgan, where did they go wrong? it was a directional bet to some degree on europe. they don't want to admit that, but they got europe rong. wro a lot of people have gotten europe wrong. i'm afraid that on mo
May 17, 2012 9:00am EDT
-labor, you bring a powerful lawsuit on the eve of the election. >> one of my favorite tweets, josh brown writes, in jest, walmart will not violate the 1999 federal law that says its stock must trade between 50 and 60. >> splay been an amendment. constitutional amendments do pass. there is something interesting that's happening. i love dollar tree, but could walmart finally be waking up to the dollar offerings and recognize they have to shore up their bottom end? i think that it wall mars has been losing share to dollar stores. they may have changed the skews. this is a company that duke has done a good job. he's done take good job. >> the turn around in same store sales is proof in the putting of that. and they cite increasing pricing separation from other retailers and it that may speak to the point that it is pricing better to some of the dollar tree stores gaining in general merchandise and some of the grocery items that it had struggled with for so long. >> they changed their mix. they've gone much more toward natural foods. but sears had great numbers. >> gentlemen. making jcp -- yo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5